The ancient teachings of the medicine people of the earth believe that as every human heals, the collective heals. Energetic medicine is an ancient tradition which can help you live your life in balance and harmony with the four aspects of self: physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic.

Soul wounding occurs from traumatic experiences that can be cleared. Generally, therapy and pharmaceuticals don’t remove the original soul wounding causing the distortions in the energetic field; they talk about the story or treat the symptoms of the trauma. The basis of Energetic Medicine is removing unresolved trauma from the body's energetic field and realigning the chakras so they spin clearly. Once the wounding is removed at the energetic level, the spiritual, emotional and physical healing begins. When you can let go of suffering and being bound to old patterns that do not serve your highest possible potential, you can feel bliss and happiness and live a fulfilled life.

Energy Medicine Sessions can assist in the shifting patterns of:

  1. BulletAddictions

  2. BulletChronic Illness

  3. BulletMood Swings

  4. BulletNegative Behaviour Patterns

  5. BulletWeakened Immune Systems

  6. BulletLoss of Joy

  7. BulletLack of Vitality

  8. BulletEmotional Health Issues

  9. BulletObsessive Thought Patterns

  10. BulletPhysical Ailments

  11. BulletSoul Loss

  12. BulletIntrusions

  13. BulletSpirit Release

  14. BulletAncestral Imprints

Western medical traditions focus on a cure. Shamans track the origins of the symptom and cause of the client’s emotional, mental, spiritual or physical condition that prevents them from fully stepping into their lives with grace and courage. Simply by their willingness to go beyond limiting beliefs, the releasing of karmic imprints helps them to move through destructive patterns of behaviour. By expanding the seeds of their consciousness, a more fulfilled life can emerge with the hope of a better future.

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